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Past continuous exercises pdf all things grammar

There is no shortage of great activities for practicing Past Continuous tensebut it may take some time and review to solidify the point with learners. Here are three great activities to practice Past Continuous tense to get your wheels turning. A quick review of Past Continuous tense will be helpful before you jump into any activities.

Ask the students how to construct the tense and have some reminders up on the board. Remind them that the past tense clause expresses some kind of interruption into another activity which is the continuous clause.

Often you can use Past Continuous tense to talk about memoriesor for looking back on what was happening at a specific time. With this activity students ask each other questions that they may or may not remember the answer to. For example What were you doing last Tuesday night at dinner time? You can explain that some historical events or other news events leave such an impression on us, we will always remember what we were doing at the time that thing happened.

Sometimes our memories are very clear and sometimes they are not. You may want to provide prompts so the students get the idea and then have them generate their own questions. Some ideas for prompts are:. Their partners can then guess whether the answer is true or not. This game is similar to the murder mystery Clue.

You can set it up by having the students create the crime they are going to investigate. After that, students are divided into two groups-- suspects and detectives. You want to have more suspects and just detectives.

The suspects each have to create a story of where they were and what they were doing at the time of the crime. They are then questioned by one of the detective students. The detectives must ask questions pertaining to Past Continuous by only asking questions about the time of the murder.

For example they could ask questions like: What were you discussing? Have a stack of cards with random words prepared.There are 5 different tasks which help your ss learn how to form Past Continuous affirmative sentences. Hope you find it useful. Have a great day. Hugs, Zsuzsapszi - ESL worksheets. Students practise the past continuous in affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. A short grammar guide and two exercises to practise Past Simple and Past Continuous with upper-elementary students.

Have a nice week mada : - ESL worksheets. Here you have 4 tasks. Writing past continuous, affirmative and negative sentences and questions. Grammar: Past continuous progressive tense. I have read a lot of articles and explanations about the past continuous tense. Here I try to sum up everything that I have learnt to a visually appealing mind map and under the map you can find three Wikispaces site closed page.

In my last Grammar Pill post, I wrote about the English past tenses and hopefully gave you an idea of how to use the tenses correctly. The post is so far my most successful article having been viewed over 40, times and shared over 10, times on Facebook!!

Thank you for sharing my post.

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I hadn't appreciated how popular English tenses were with learners and teachers. In this post, as promised I want to cover the present perfect tenses and show you how to use them correctly. As I mentioned…. Another Snakes and Ladders but this time to practice Past Continuous. Students have to finish the sentences using their creativity.

Sometimes the beginnings of the sentences are gi. Past Continnuous.Download this explanation in PDF here. Read about how to make the past continuous here. Need more practice?

Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. The action in the past continuous starts before and often continues after the other shorter action or time. I was walking to the station when I met John. I started walking before I met John, and maybe I continued afterwards.

At three o'clock, I was working. I started before three o'clock and finished after three o'clock. We often use the past simple for the actions. This is really a specific example of Use 1.

past continuous exercises pdf all things grammar

Amy sat down and took out her phone. We often use 'always', 'constantly' or 'forever' here. This is the same as the way we use the present continuous for habits, but the habit started and finished in the past.

This thing doesn't happen now. He was always leaving the tap running. She was constantly singing. This use is often optional and we usually use it with time expressions like 'all day' or 'all evening' or 'for hours'.

I was working in the garden all day. He was reading all evening. Remember you can't use this tense or any continuous tense with stative verbs. Try some exercises about the past continuous here.Skip to main content.

past continuous exercises pdf all things grammar

He 's getting on the train. We were watching the news on television. Mother will be cooking the dinner when we get home. We were waiting for the bus when it started to rain.

Everybody will be waiting for us. They had been working hard all day. They 've been doing that every day this week. The children were always shouting. He will be practising the piano every night. We are renting an apartment until our house is ready. He was working in a garage during the vacation.

past continuous exercises pdf all things grammar

We have moved from Birmingham. We 're living in Manchester now. He had left university and was working in his father's business.

Everything has been getting more difficult. He was growing more bad-tempered every day. How long have you be en sitting there? I don't know how long she had be e n learning Spanish.

Your friends will be looking for you.

Continuous aspect

They might be playing tennis. You should have be en driving more carefully. Soon we will have be en living here for 25 years. We do not normally use the continuous aspect with stative verbs. We use the simple instead:. I don't understand you. NOT was needing I've always liked John. NOT been liking. LearnEnglish Subscription: self-access courses for professionals.

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In grammar book "Oxford Practice Grammar" i saw example "We were working all afternoon" why there isn't had been working? I mean, that there is duration like all afternoon or all day.The past continuous or progressive is the tense used to express situations that occurred in the past and were in progress at any moment during a period of time.

When we use past continuous in its negative form, we start with the subject, followed by was not or were not and the verb with -ing. You can confirm something with Affirmative form and ask something with Interrogative form. In English, for a better understanding of the structure of past continuous, you can see past simple of To be.

Using the Past Continuous

External link to Past Continuous Negative exercises All Rights Reserved. Skip to content Unit 3. We use past continuous tense, in its negative form, to deny: A longer background action interrupted by an unexpected shorter one something suddenly happens while another longer event was already in progress ; An event that was occurring at an exact time in the past expressing the date, hour or giving specific time information about an event in progress occurring at a past time ; An uninterrupted action which was in progress for a while event in progress in the past during an extended period of time ; The length of time period in the past event in progress in the past during an extended period of time ; Past simultaneous actions two events happened at the same time ; Sequence of actions which occurred in the past usually used to describe a situation in which different events were happening at the same time ; Repeated or annoying action with always or similar expressions that suggest the idea of a repeated event.

At A1 level, you can learn about past simple something happened in the past. Previous: Past Continuous Affirmative. Next: Past Continuous Interrogative.Present simple and Present continuous 1.

Past Continuous Negative

Present simple and Present continuous 2. Present and past tenses stative verbs. Future simple, are going to, future continuous All tenses. UNIT 1. Food 2. Food, Eat.

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Cook, food. Medicine 2. The Present Perfect 4. The Present Perfect: Particles already, just, yet, For or since? How long? Future Continuous. Future Perfect. Future Continuous or Future Perfect? UNIT 2. Jobs, Work. Reported Speech exercises link to agendaweb, by Sergio R.

Peral Every "exc" is an exercise. LINK to "Connectors of contrast and connectors of purpose". Money, buy, sell Recommended exercises from other websites:. Passive transformation with all tenses. Passive transformation with all tenses 2. Passive transformation with modals and auxiliaries. Sentences with 2 objects. Active and passive. More on: www. Adjectives Recommended exercises from other websites:. Conditional sentences T- 1, 2 ex.

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past continuous exercises pdf all things grammar

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